Hello! My name is Bryan Reece. I have been working in higher education for 30 years, with 15 years of senior management experience including a decade of community college administration (College President, VP of Academic Affairs, and Dean) and five years of private sector management. I hold a BA, MA and Ph.D. from the University of Southern California (USC). I taught Political Science as a tenured community college faculty member for 19 years and have a documented record of moving community colleges in directions that improve the academic success for students across all groups and have particular expertise with student populations from historically under-served communities. I have worked extensively with legislative bodies and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels and have a record of success with public-private partnerships and fundraising.

Bryan Reece, Ph.D.

College Leader and Education Entrepreneur








Together we can

change the trajectory of our students' lives and lift the communities we serve

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The primary goal of NPACC (National Policy Agenda for Community Colleges) is to address social justice and equity at the national level through the work of American community colleges. Our scope of work for 2020 includes a comprehensive literature review on national policy recommendations, a national survey of community college personnel, and the development of a literature-based/data-informed national agenda for community colleges. The agenda is slated for publication in the fall of 2020 and will be used to expand federal support of the community college sector while highlighting the vital role community colleges play in advancing social justice and equity for our students. A more thorough discussion of the agenda is presented in a forthcoming book with Routledge in late 2020 or early 2021. NPACC is supported by a grassroots group of over 50 volunteers, including trustees, college presidents, administrators, faculty, staff, CC alumni, community members, and elected officials. We believe racism and discrimination in America must be addressed through a national strategy that recognizes and supports the leadership role community colleges play in working with students from historically underserved communities.


College President


Led approximately 450 employees, 15,000 students and a service area with over 300,000 residents. Expanded student enrollment by 9.6% and student completion of academic goals by 18.3% with transfers to the University of California (UC) system improving by 50%. Narrowed the equity gap with completion for students of color improving by 26%. Increased fundraising by 117%. Expanded college outreach with local, state and federal civic leaders. Implemented a college reorganization; developed new  Educational Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan; launched several new programs; all the while maintaining high employee moral as evidenced by the Chronicle of Higher Ed recognizing Norco College as one of the “Great Colleges to Work For” in 2018. Worked within the Riverside Community College District, serving a diverse student population of over 43,000 students, covering approximately 450 square miles in western Riverside County, California, with almost 1,200 fulltime employees, a little more than 1,000 part-time employees and an operating annual budget of $428 million.


Vice President of Instruction


Oversaw the academic program at Crafton Hills College, including over 60 programs in transfer and career technical areas taught by approximately 300 faculty members for over 8,000 students. Managed academic services such as the library, tutorial support, curriculum development, course schedule development, catalog development, course management and more. Led improvement of student success and narrowing of equity gap.


Dean of Academic Success and Institutional Effectiveness


Launched the Success Center, revamped the Center for Teaching Excellence, launched the Assessment Office, and managed media services for the college. Managed several services through the iFalcon Office and maintained the Student Success Plan for Cerritos College. Provided academic support services to all 23,000 students and over 600 faculty members. Managed a staff of approximately 150 individuals from classified, hourly and faculty ranks.


Author and Managing Editor


Authored content for Mypoliscilab, an online learning resource for Introduction to American Government courses. Managed several co-authors and contributing authors in the development of content. Coordinated a technical team of programmers, video production specialists and clerical assistants. Communicated with a faculty community/users group of approximately 700 political scientists and as many as 100,000 students each year. 


Interim Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences


Managed over a dozen academic departments with transfer and vocational programs, including approximately 80 fulltime and part-time faculty members. Oversaw teaching of approximately 17,000 students each year. Annually organized between 500 and 600 sections. Led the Division with a team of three clerical staff members, eight student workers and seven faculty chairpersons. Operated with an annual budget of over $5M. 


Faculty Senate President


Administered a specific set of responsibilities outlined by Cerritos Board Policy and California Ed Code. Managed Senate proceedings, the Senate executive team, 30 senators, and 7 Senate committees (70-80 members combined). Coordinated with bargaining and constituent groups (CSEA, CCFF, ACCME, ASCC), administration, and the Board of Trustees. Led on issues related to student learning, college management, infrastructure development, academic development and more.


Director of Education Development


Reported to VP of Academic Affairs. Represented the College in several developmental capacities. Led the College in an earmark/appropriation campaign to developed several partnerships with local, state and federal agencies. Broadened the College’s educational opportunities. Secured federal funding.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner


Co-founded Civic Resource Group (CRG), a technology consulting firm, in 1997. Helped grow the company into a vibrant consulting firm. Left in 2002 after successful launch. Provided consulting services and systems integration for the public sector. Assisted with development of technological solutions to meet the unique needs of civic organizations. 


Professor of Political Science


Taught as a member of the Political Science Department for 19 years, instructing of 10,000 students, from nearly all 50 states and several other countries. Taught Introduction to American Politics, Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to Political Science, Political Economy, California, State and Local Politics, Direct Studies Seminars on Technology and Government, Internet Strategies for Government Institutions, Campaigns and Elections, and Law and Public Policy. Taught in traditional and online environments. Received numerous awards for excellence in teaching including Cerritos College Outstanding Faculty Member (2009), California Educator of the Year, California Community College Association for Occupational Education (2003) and Cerritos College Outstanding Faculty Member (2002).


Cow Milker


Worked as a cow milker, cow pusher and dairy hand throughout high school and college. See why Hafliger Dairy is so important to me at https://www.bryanreecephd.com/post/cow-tag. 

Doctorate's Degree



Majored in Political Science. Emphasized American Politics, Political Theory and Methods. Wrote dissertation on "eGovernment in U.S. Cities."

Master's Degree



Majored in Political Science with emphasis on American Politics.

Bachelor's Degree



Majored in Political Science. Participated in honors program (Thematic Option Program)





NPACC (National Policy Agenda for Community Colleges) addresses social justice and equity issues at the national level through the work of community colleges. 2020 work includes a literature review on national policy recommendations, a national survey of CC personnel, and the development of a literature-based, data-informed national agenda for community colleges. Our goal is to expand federal support of the CCs.


Dr. Reece expanded this program dramatically by increasing the veterans resources center, initiating development of childcare for veterans, establishing plans for housing, and developing an articulation platform to recognize military training for credit. Military Times named Norco "Best for Vets" 4 times in 5 years, ranking the college #1 in California in part for achieving a 73% retention rate and 67% graduation rate for vets. 

  • Article on Norco's #1 Ranking for Service to Vets

  • Article on Gift to Veteran Students

  • Article on Grant to Expand Vets Resource Center

  • Article on Funding to Build Childcare Center



Dr. Reece led the creation of this program at Norco College, offering courses to inmates at California Rehabilitation Center (CRC). CRC is a medium-security facility housing approximately 2,400 inmates, of which about 300 take college courses. Students can achieve an AA degree in Sociology with the 1st graduates in 2019. Partnering with Pitzer College, CRC will be the 2nd prison in CA for offer a full BA program. 


Dr. Reece created the iFALCON, habits of mind program at Cerritos College. The program remains active today, using an acculturation model to integrate the campaign across campus. iFalcon helps students envision themselves as successful learners, believe in their ability to succeed, achieve academic and personal goals, and discover connections between personal experiences and academic concepts.


As the lead author and managing editor, Dr. Reece developed MyPoliSciLab into a national best seller for Introduction to American Government courses.The program was one of the first internet based learning supplements to bring an interactive and multi-media based learning experience to students. At its peak, approximately 700 faculty and 100,000 students taught and learned over the platform each year. 


Dr. Reece started the Three Peaks Challenge at Crafton Hills College and the program remains today. Through the program, events are organized to challenge students in some capacity and remind the entire campus community that students are more likely to succeed when they summit the three peaks: Engage, Learn and Advance. Events are held throughout the year and are very popular.


Under Dr. Reece's leadership, Norco College expanded the JFK Middle College program and went from zero to ten dual enrollment partnerships with local high schools. JFK is the largest middle college in California and one of the most successful with approximately 40% of high school graduates completing their freshman year of college while in high school and about 15% finishing an AA degree.


Bryan Reece, Ph.D.

College Leader and Education Entrepreneur





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