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The primary goal of NPACC (National Policy Agenda for Community Colleges) is to address social justice and equity at the national level through the work of American community colleges. Our scope of work for 2020 includes a comprehensive literature review on national policy recommendations, a national survey of community college personnel, and the development of a literature-based/data-informed national agenda for community colleges. The agenda is slated for publication in the fall of 2020 and will be used to expand federal support of the community college sector while highlighting the vital role community colleges play in advancing social justice and equity. A more thorough discussion of the agenda is presented in a forthcoming book with Routledge in late 2020 or early 2021.

NPACC is supported by a grassroots group of over 50 volunteers, including trustees, college presidents, administrators, faculty, staff, CC alumni, community members, and elected officials. We believe racism and discrimination in America must be addressed through a national strategy that recognizes and supports the leadership role community colleges play in working with students from historically underserved communities.

The main reason we all came together around this project is student equity. According to the Community College Research Center (Columbia University), community colleges serve over nine million students per year, about 46 percent of all undergraduates, and a higher proportion of students from historically underserved communities than 4-year institutions. With this footprint, community colleges are well positioned to move social justice forward in the U.S.


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